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                        Rangatira cattle have the STRUCTURAL SOUNDNESS AND AGILITY to move around on the hills. Good
                           bone and easy doing ability allows them to carry their weight well and reach target weights early.

                       Kilos gained early = TARGET WEIGHTS REACHED EARLY = stock are off the farm early = PROFIT.
                                           This is a real benefit to the commercial farmer.

                                        FERTILITY is directly related to the scrotal size in bulls.

                                     2020 Sale Bulls scrotal measurement average is a whopping 44cm.

                                 RANGATIRA GENETICS produce QUALITY BEEF – please see page 2.

                                           RANGATIRA DAMS

                         The Rangatira cow herd has STRONG MATERNAL INSTINCTS, with EASE OF CALVING AND
                         GREAT MILKING ABILITY, raising strong healthy calves.  We calve on medium to steep hill
                       country and calving problems are almost nonexistent in our herd. When selecting stud sires it
                           is very important to us that the sire is smooth shouldered to ensure EASY CALVING.

                                     The average weaning weight for the 2020 Sale Bulls is 311kg.
                          This shows how well the RANGATIRA HILL COUNTRY DAMS LOOK AFTER THEIR

                        Lots 3, 4, 5, & 6 are bulls sired by Turiroa Maverick 945 and all 4 are a heifer’s first calf. Not
                        only are the older dams breeding consistently well, the young heifers are also breeding top
                       quality calves. The average weaning weight for the above 4 lots is 357kg, which is 46kg above
                                               Rangatira’s average weaning weight.

                        We are very pleased with the growth rates of this year’s bulls as we have endured very dry

                                     conditions at Muriwai throughout this Summer and Autumn.
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