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               To enable COMMERCIAL CLIENTS TO MEET THEIR MARKETS EARLY – We consider this a winner as it
               provides huge cost savings to farmers commercially.
               We have been a strong supporter of the Angus Bull Evaluation Unit. Entry is open to all Registered Angus
               Breeders where up to 40 bulls are run as one mob in a common environment allowing all bulls the
               opportunity to express their genetic potential on the same feed at all times. In 2015 we entered 2 bulls
               who were 1st and 2nd heaviest for their final weigh in at the Bull Unit. They were both meaty and easy
               doing bulls. It was exciting at the 2015 open day to see the people’s choice award go to Atahua 902 who
               was sired by Kaharau 610 – a bull purchased from us in 2012. In 2016 we entered a very good Lancelot
               son in the B.E.U. With meat in all the right places and wonderful overall weight gain (1.3.2016, 804kgs).
               2017 Rangatira Bandit 15-109 was the heaviest bull at the final weigh in at the Angus Bull Evaluation Unit
               (20.4.17, 850kgs).
               On 6th May 2017 9 rising 2 year old bulls from Coventry Station killed out at an average carcase weight of
               409kgs realising an average value of $2,113.00 excluding GST.
               In March 2017 at the Matawhero Cattle Fair, the highest priced line of steers were from a station using
               Rangatira Genetics. Top prices have been achieved by the Studs Commercial Buyers at cattle fairs in other
               regions 2016-2020.
               2017-2020  Commercial farmer’s results echoed 2017 – Kgs plus equals $ plus. Commercial gains from
               using Rangatira Genetics.
               2018  Our Rangatira Bull was again the heaviest bull at the National Angus Bull Evaluation Unit achieving
               the heaviest weight at all weigh-ins.
               2018  Purchased Kaharau Outlander 632 in partnership with Turiroa Angus Stud. New Zealand’s top price
               bull in 2018.
               2019  Purchased Tangihau Top Gun N436. New Zealand’s top price bull in 2019.

                                    Investing in the Future!

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