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ORARI                          GORGE                               POLL

            5 57 th th        ORARI GORGE HEREFORDS
                              57  Annual Bull Sale

                                                                                       NITHDALE ELVIS 040021 BORN 2004

    O R A R I   G O R G E
             S TAT I O N
        G E R A L D I N E

    Wednesday                                                               Sire of Kairuru India,
                                                                            Supreme Hereford Champion AgInovation 2013
                                                       NITHDALE TARZAN
                                                             BORN 1969      Selected for the Hereford National Progeny trial
           9  June            ORARI NITHDALE, CHAMPION                                 ORARI GORGE LAWLESS 110049
                              EDINBURGH UK OCT 1979
    2021, 11am

                O N   T H E
            P R O P E R T Y

                                          Still holds the record price for any
                                                    Hereford at Edinburgh   Top price Hereford at AgInovation 2013
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