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Breeding Better Business

     As part of New Zealand’s largest Livestock network, our team of Genetics Specialists
     have more contacts, more reach and more market influence.

     We provide more practical advice and more technical expertise. And, with the
     country’s largest network and most popular sales events, we bring together more
     buyers and more sellers, delivering more value for all.

     If you’re looking for a planned approach to success, give us a call today.

     Callum McDonald Genetics   John Duffy   John McKone        Warwick Howie
     Representative     Regional Livestock Manager   Head Auctioneer  Livestock Representative
     027 433 6443       027 240 3841         027 229 9375       027 437 5276


       Bull insurance?       See your local BrokerWeb Risk Services (BWRS) rep at the sale. Or contact your
       Yes, we can help.     PGG Wrightson Livestock rep. Bulls cover available at the fall of the hammer, and
                             billed direct to your PGG Wrightson Livestock account.
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