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       All intending purchasers must register at the PGG Wrightson Ltd Livestock (PGW) sales office prior to the
       The New Zealand Stock & Station Agent’s Association Conditions of Sale apply. These terms can be
       inspected at the registration desk and on the wall in the auction room.
       PGW’s Monthly Account Terms of Trade also apply to the extent deemed relevant by PGW. The current
       versions of PGW’s Monthly Account Terms of Trade are also available online at:\Our-Company\Terms-and-Conditions  or in hardcopy on request.
       On behalf of the vendor, PGW will pay a purchasing rebate of 5% of the purchase price excluding GST, plus
       GST, to livestock companies and recognised independent livestock agents with a PGW Monthly Account
       who have introduced buyers to PGW before the sale and/or accompanied buyers to the sale.

         1. Free delivery in the North Island for  June delivery. All bulls left at Karamu are the purchaser’s own
           risk and must be insured. Bulls maybe held on request on the vendor’s property until 30th June.
           Transport for July delivery bulls are at the  expense of the purchaser.
         2. Feet are sound and untrimmed.
         3. The Ranui Stud is accredited and brucellosis and tuberculosis free herds and are mannasodossis
           tested clear (Status C10).
         4. All bulls are service & semen tested.
         5. All bulls are scanned for fat and meat content.
         6. Deferred payment by arrangement.
         7. All bulls have tested BVD negative and vaccinated.
                RANUI GUARANTEE

       All bulls are guaranteed for a period of three years for fertility and soundness.
       FERTILITY:  All  bulls  must  pass a  rigorous  Service  and  Semen  test  for  fertility  before  they  make  this
       catalogue. This test identifies and removes the bulls that are unfit for mating (See Totally Vets page for
       interpretation of fertility data).
       SOUNDNESS: All bulls must pass a comprehensive examination of conformation, testicle, tone and size
       and structural soundness by Totally Vets. If for any reason a Ranui bull, within the ‘Three Year Guarantee’
       period does not perform as a result of his own fertility or structural defect: excluding injury, we will: Refund
       the purchase price or the remaining portion of the ‘Three Year Guarantee’.
       Conditions of Guarantee
       • Notify the breeder and discuss further action.
       • Vet certificate of infertility or unsoundness must be sent to breeder.
       • To notify breeder prior to disposing of bull (except for humane reasons) is imperative.
             Health and Safety

       Under the Health and Safety At Work Act 2015 we are required to advise people of possible hazards.
        1. Cattle Movement     2. Vehicles and Machinery     3. Cattle Yards, Slippery Surfaces     4. Pavilion, Seating

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