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 STAND BY YOU.   David, Pip, Mitch and Morgan Blackwood

            welcome you to Hinewaka for our
 LITERALLY.   Annual on Farm Bull Sale.

      Welcome to our 18th on farm Bull Sale. The last 12 months has
      been one of turmoil and uncertainty with the world being ravaged
      by Covid 19. Farming has got off relatively lightly and it has been
      work as usual. Prices at the farm gate haven’t taken the huge drop
      that some anticipated and there is confidence in the meat industry
      going forward.
      We are really happy to present our line-up of bulls for sale this
      year. The bulls look great. They are well grown with real thickness,
      easy fleshing and soundness. They are backed up by some very
      good data and you able to see the genetic progress we are making
      in the Breedplan figures of each bull and where they sit within the
      breed for each trait.

      We have bulls that are suitable for both heifer and cow mating. We
      put a strong emphasis on producing cattle that are commercially
      focused, that can thrive in our summer dry conditions and are
      fertile and fast growing.
 A bull is a big investment. Which is why FMG is right   This year’s sale line-up includes bulls sired by two of the
 there with you to ensure you get the very best cover on   breeds highest performing sires,  Royalla Rembrandt K413 and
 sale day, and the best service every day after that. That’s   Yamburgan Anzac L278.
 because we understand livestock insurance as much as   Rembrandt is a breed trait leader for 7 traits. He is below average
 we understand the importance of personal service. So   for BW and then he has tremendous early growth for 200D and
 talk to your FMG Rural Manager about FMG Premier Bull   400D. He is a real curve bender and is represented by 9 bulls in
 Sales cover. All bulls sold at auction up to $50,000 can   the sale. Anzac is a new sire with extremely good carcass traits
 be covered for 6.5% of the purchase price and those sold   with high fats for Rib and Rump and high IMF. His progeny just
 at FMG Premier Bull Sales are insured at the fall of the   get better and better and we are excited about his future in our
 hammer for 14 days free.* To find out more, call us on   programme.
 0800 366 466 or visit  The bulls are all semen and service tested and guaranteed
 * Subject to standard underwriting criteria. Please note this is only a summary of    fertile at the time of sale. The bulls have all tested negative and
 FMG products and services and is subject to our specific product documentation.    vaccinated for BVD.
 For full details, refer to the relevant policy wordings at
      If you would like further information on sale lots or our breeding
 We’re here for the good of the country.  programme, please contact us any time. We hope to see as many
      of you as possible on sale day.

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