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The Self - Replacing Index
      “The Self-replacing Index” ranks bulls on their ability to generate
      profit (profit per cow mated) in a herd situation in which some
      females are retained for breeding and surplus females, along with
      all males, are slaughtered.
      The main drivers of profit addressed by the Index include (in order
      of economic importance):                                ROYALLA REMBRANDT K413 (IMP AUS) - Roan
        •  Direct and Maternal Calving Ease
        •  Growth                                             Born: 11/09/14                    H.B. AUJSNK413
        •  Meat Yield
        •  Cow Survival
        •  Finishing Ability
        •  Fertility
        •  Cow Efficiency
      In short, selection on the Index is expected to favour production of
      a cowherd with excellent reproductive efficiency, rearing progeny
      with moderate-to-high growth rates and high yielding carcasses.
        •  Comparing the lifetime profitability of two bulls:
      The following example illustrates how potential differences in
      lifetime profitability can be approximated between bulls with
      different Indexes. These estimates of value differences may be
      Two bulls with Self-replacing Indexes of $40 and $20 are mated
      to genetically similar cows. If each bull mates 200 cows during
      its lifetime, the first bull will generate $2000 ($(40-20)/2 x 200)   MARELLAN INDESTRUCTABLE Roan
      more profit during its lifetime than the second bull (the $20 profit   Sire:  ROYALLA OSTENTATIOUS G404 Roan
      advantage must be divided by 2 because a bull only passes half   MARELLAN REDWING J6065 Roan
      his genes on to each of his progeny).
      The Dairy Index                                                WEEBOLLABOLLA THEODORE T85 (P) (S.F.A.) (IMP AUS) Roan
      Estimates the genetic differences between animals in net   Dam:  MARELLAN DORA 8074L Red
      profitability per cow joined for an example commercial dairy herd   INVERARY DORA W184 Red
      targeting the production of dairy beef progeny from dairy cows and
      heifers where all progeny are slaughtered. Steers are assumed   2021 SHORTHORN BREEDPLAN AVERAGES
      marketed at 520 kg live weight (280 kg carcase weight and 6 mm       FOR 2019 BORN CALVES
      fat depth) at 20 months of age. While calving ease is by far the
      most important profit driver in the Index, growth and to a lesser   DIR  DTRS  GL  Birth  200 Wt  400 Wt  600 Wt  McW  Milk
      extant meat yield also contribute.
                                                               +9.0  +1.4  -4.2  +2.4  +40  +53  +59  +48  +5
                      INDEX VALUES ($)                          73%  61%  92%   95%  92%  94%   93%  78%  51%
             Self Replacing             +64                      SS   DtC   CWT   EMA   Rib  Rump  RBY%   IMF%
                Dairy                   +36                     +3.4  -8.5  +44   +7.5  -0.3  -1.9  +2.1  -0.4
                                                                89%   63%   76%   80%   83%   82%   76%   69%

       The Australasian Shorthorn GROUP BREEDPLAN                              INDEX VALUES ($)
       Estimated Breeding Values contained in this Sale Catalogue   Self Replacing  +$93    Dairy       +$84
       were compiled by the Agricultural Business Research
       Institute (ABRI) from data supplied by the breeders. Neither   A sire that has added a tremendous amount to our breeding programme.
                                                              Average BW with tremendous 200D Growth and 400D Growth, but leaving
       the New Zealand Beef Shorthorn Association nor the ABRI   medium framed cattle. A trait leader for Gestation Length, 200D, 400D
       oversee or audit the collection of this data.          Growth, Eye Muscle, Scrotal, Carcass Weight and Retail Beef Yield.
                                                              The sire of 9 bulls in the sale and the fi rst 5 Lots catalogued.
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