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         •   C10 TB status – Herd tested April 2020 and bulls tested July 2020.
         •   All bulls BVD tested.  Bulls have been vaccinated twice for BVD, 10n1 and Lepto. (November 2020).
         •   All bulls are free from the 4 genetic defects AMFU, NHFU, CAFU and DD by virtue of their pedigree or have been tested.  We have been
             thorough in going through our herd and are happy that none of our cattle carry any of these genetic conditions.
         •   All calves are weighed at birth and all bulls sold at sale data performance recorded and carcass scanned.
         •   Bulls are farmed under strict commercial conditions and are not over fed nor fed anything other than grass and/or hay/silage during their first
             winter and for a few weeks leading up to sale day.
         •   Tarangower is a family owned and run business and have been selling quality bulls for 95 years.


         •   All bulls in this catalogue are guaranteed fertile and structurally sound for breeding purposes for 3 years and have been fertility tested
             by Viabull Ltd. (please see report in this catalogue.)

            Conditions of Guarantee:
         •   Notice of infertility or unsoundness in any such case must be advised to the vendor as soon as possible.  We will refund the purchase price of
             the bull, value decreasing by 1/3rd each year.  This been without interest, expenses, costs or damages, and also taking into account salvage/
             killing income.
         •   A Veterinary Certificate will be required.
         •   Any dispute shall be settled by an arbitrator appointed by the Auctioneers .
         •   The purchaser shall throughout the guarantee period provide the bull has proper care and attention and make sure he is maintained in good
             health and condition.
         •   Purchaser to keep BVD vaccinations up to date – yearly.
         •   Purchaser must notify vendor prior to disposal of bull unless for humane reasons.
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