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        Sale Conditions:
        1.    The auctioneers are NZ Farmers Livestock.
        2.    The sale will be conducted under the usual conditions of the Stock and Station Agents’
        3.    Each lot becomes the property of the purchaser at the fall of the hammer.
        4.    Terms  will  be  strictly  cash  before  taking  delivery  of  any  animals  unless  prior
              arrangements are made with the Auctioneers.  Accounts not paid within 14 days of sale
              shall bear interest at current rate per annum from the date of purchase.
        5.    Transit and Livestock Insurance can be arranged by the Auctioneers.
        6.    The sale will be conducted purchase price plus GST.
        7.    Although  every care  has  been taken  to  ensure accuracy  in  the production  of  this
              catalogue,  The  North Island  Limousin  Breeders Inc, NZ  Farmers  Livestock and  their
              employees do not accept any responsibility or liability as  to mis-description, errors,
              omissions, or mis-statements caused either directly or indirectly.
        8.    A Buyer’s Instruction Form is to be completed at the office on sale day by all purchasers.
        9.    REBATE  COMMISSION  - NZFL will pay a purchasing rebate of 6% of the purchase price
              excluding GST, plus GST,  to livestock companies & recognised independent livestock
              agents with a NZFL account who have introduced buyers to NZFL before the sale and/or
              accompanied buyers to the sale. Arrangements  must be made prior to the sale  and
              settlement made on the purchaser’s behalf within 14 days.

        Transport: Transport cost is the responsibility of the purchaser. All bulls must be off the property
        within one day of the sale and transport is to be pre-arranged.
        Testing: All herds  of origin have been tested clear of TB (C10). The bulls are tested clear and
        vaccinated for BVD, protoporphryria tested Negative or Free by Pedigree* PLEASE NOTE THAT
        LOTS 2 and 10 ARE NOT TESTED.
        Warranty of Bulls:
        All bulls are sold as fertile and capable of natural service.  The purchaser is to have the right to
        a full refund of the purchase price of the bull (excluding any costs and expenses of the purchaser)
        within six months of the date of the sale subject to submitting a veterinary report stating that
        the bull is infertile or incapable of natural service.  The veterinarian must  also state that, in his
        opinion, there is no evidence that the bull has suffered any injury or illness since being sold to
        the purchaser which could have affected his breeding ability.  The veterinary report (together
        with a statutory declaration by the purchaser to the effect that the substance of the report is
        true and correct) must be forwarded to the vendor within 14 days of the date being six months
        after the sale date.
        NILB Inc is not liable for any issues which may arise with the bulls. The purchaser should deal
        directly with the vendor
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