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Lot 2:  Glencairn Quim (P) (PU) Polled
                                   Tag Number: 913
               Reg ID: GCNPQ78  Born: 30/10/2019  Grade: Pure 98.90%
                 Scanned April 9: P8 2, Rib 2, EMA 102, Scrotal 42 Weight 573kg
                            On Account of Rob Johnstone

         Home bred bull with a great background. Dam is a consistent top performing older
             cow from carefully selected Glencairn breeding. Sire, Glencairn Major is a
             heavyweight bull with tremendous length that he is passing to his progeny

                               SVL POLLED EXCLUSIVE 412t (HP*) (R) (PN) (AA)
                         MERIDEN POLL HEAVYDUTY (HP*) (PN) (AA)
                               DONNA VALLEY POLL ALURING LADY (P) (PF)
         Sire:  GLENCAIRN MAJOR (P) (PN) (AA)
                               GLENCAIRN  CLASSIC (PU)
                         GLENCAIRN  FELINE (P) (PU)
                               GLENCAIRN  COFFEE (P) (PU)
                               GLENCAIRN  572 (PU)
                         GLENCAIRN  EXCELSIOR (PU)
                               GLENCAIRN  04 41
                               LINCOLNFIELDS CHARLES (PU)
                         GLENCAIRN  DONNA LEA (PU)
                               GLENCAIRN  02277 (PU)
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