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Docility Warranty:
        All animals are sold as having acceptable docility as defined as score 1, 2 and  less than a score
        of 3 in the official scoring system of the Australian Limousin Breeders’ Society.  The purchaser is
        to have the right to a full refund of the purchase price of the animal (excluding any costs and
        expenses of the purchaser) within 28 days of the date of sale, or a replacement animal of similar
        quality and price to be supplied by the vendor subject to submitting a  veterinarian’s report
        stating that the animal is of unacceptable docility defined as score 3, 4 or 5 in the official scoring
        system of the Australian Limousin Breeders’ Society.
        The veterinarian must state that, in his opinion, the animal has not been mistreated in a way
        which would have affected its behaviour since being sold to the purchaser.   The veterinary
        report (together with a statutory declaration by the purchaser to the effect that the substance
        of the report is true and correct) must be forwarded to the vendor within 14 days of the date
        being 14 days after the sale date.

        Pedigree Registered: All animals are registered with the Australian Limousin Breeders’ Society
        and are transferable on request by the purchaser.  Transfer forms are available on sale day.

        Explanation of Suffixes:
        Horn Status: (HP*) Homozygous Polled by DNA test (which has an accuracy of 92%), (HP)
        Homozygous Polled by progeny test, (2P) Homozygous Polled by pedigree, (P) Polled, (S)

        Colour: (HB) DNA tested Homozygous Black, (2B) Homozygous Black by pedigree, (B) Black, (R)
        Red (not apricot).
        Protoporphyria Status: (PN) Proto Normal, (PF) Proto free by pedigree, (PC) the animal is a
        carrier of the abnormal gene for protoporphyria, (PS) Proto Suspect (parent of diseased
        animal), (PU) the animal has not been tested for protoporphyria or have parents which have
        been tested normal or are free by pedigree.

        Homozygous:  is the term where an animal has two copies of a particular gene (tested or
        pedigree) for a trait (colour, polled). An example is Homozygous polled where by all progeny
        will be polled from that particular animal or Homozygous black where all progeny will be black.

        F94L: (AA) 2 copies, (AC) 1 copy, (2A) 2 copies by pedigree, (CC) no copies.

        Understanding Estimate Breeding Values (EBVs)
        An Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) is an estimate of the genetic merit of that animal for each
        trait measured. EBVs are provided for the following traits:
        Gestation  Length EBV:  ranks  sires for the time between conception and the birth of a  calf.
        Shorter gestation is indicated by negative EBVs and longer by positive EBVs.
        Birth Weight EBV: indicates the genetic potential for birth weight. Positive EBVs indicate higher
        birth weights and negative EBVs indicate lower birth weights of progeny.
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