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Why buy a

       HD50K-tested bull?

          1.      His Breeding Values are very accurate

                  A young bull that’s been HD50K tested has highly accurate BVs. You can
                  therefore be more confident that his performance will match his figures.

          2.      You’ll make faster production gains

                  The bull you buy this season will influence your herd for the next 8-10
                  years. By buying an HD50K-tested bull, your decision is based on the
                  best information possible.

          3.      Boost the performance of your beef cow herd

                  If you breed your own heifer replacements, using a HD50K-tested bull
                  means you can tap into “HeiferSELECT®” – a new commercial farmer
                  tool coming soon.
                  HeiferSELECT® provides the objective information you need to
                  make more accurate decisions about which heifers to
                  “keep or cull”. It draws on maternal, growth
                  and carcass (including marbling) traits.

       If you’re a progressive farmer, you can’t afford

       not to buy a HD50K-tested bull. He will get you
       where you want to go, faster. Much faster.

       More information:

       Zoetis New Zealand Limited
       PO Box 5520, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058, New Zealand
       Phone: 0800 228 278 or 03 477 5920 • Fax: 03 477 5930
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