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CONDITIONS OF SALE                   and this must also be included on the buyers instruction slip
                                            should a Transfer be required
 ANGUSPURE PARTNER  The sale will be conducted in accordance with the   Semen  Rights  Waitangi  Angus retains a one third
       Conditions of Sale as set down by the Auckland Stock   interest in the ownership rights to the AI semen of all bulls
       and Station Agents Association; a copy of which will be   sold with a Transfer
 AngusPure NZ has teamed up with 88 Angus studs who share in our   exhibited at the Sale.
 vision - to focus on the end consumer. This stud is proud to be named as   Delivery  Waitangi Angus will arrange and deliver bulls
 one of them, and by using the finest genetics and implementing best   Every lot will be at the risk of the purchaser from the fall   free in the North Island
       of the hammer.
 management practice they can help you produce more premium quality   ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE SALE
 Angus beef.  OSH:  Every effort will be taken by the vendors,   AND  SETTLEMENT  MADE  ON  THE  PURCHASER’S
       Auctioneers, their staff and assistants, both on the day of the   BEHALF WITHIN 14 DAYS.
 Only our AngusPure Partner studs display these devices in their sale   sale as well as on any other visits of inspection to ensure the   CONDITIONS FOR BULL AUCTIONS CONDUCTED
 catalogues. They indicate bulls endorsed by AngusPure NZ.  safety of intending buyers and visitors. However, we wish to   LIVE AT A SALEYARD/ON FARM
       advise that this is a farm run under normal management
       conditions and certain dangers exist in relation to livestock   All intending purchasers must register at the PGG Wrightson
       and  their  environment. Visitors  should  take  all  care  to   Ltd Livestock (PGW) sales office prior to the sale.
       ensure their personal safety.        The  New Zealand  Stock &  Station  Agent’s  Association
 ANGUSPURE ENDORSED BULLS  EVERY BULL GUARANTEED TO BREED  Conditions of Sale apply. These terms can be inspected at
                                            the registration desk and on the wall in the auction room.
       The entry of any bull in this catalogue constitutes a   PGW’s Monthly Account Terms of Trade also apply to the
       guarantee by the vendor that the purchase price without   extent deemed relevant by PGW. The current versions of
 This index gives commercial farmers confidence that by using this selection tool, bulls are most likely   interest, expenses, cost or damages shall be refunded if a   PGW’s Monthly Account Terms of Trade are also available
 to leave progeny with superior carcase quality and at the same time achieve desirable outcomes for   bull proves infertile or incapable of service. Any dispute shall   online at:
 self replacing herds, as the AngusPure index still rewards cattle with strong maternal attributes like   be settled by an arbitrator appointed by the auctioneers.   and-Conditions  or in hardcopy on request.
 calving ease, scrotal and growth, along with carcase weight. To qualify for the ‘A’ endorsement, bulls   Any complaint must be lodged with the auctioneers in   On behalf of the vendor, PGW will pay a purchasing rebate
       writing within six calendar months from the date of sale.
 must meet a minimum AngusPure index of +$120.   A veterinary surgeons certificate shall be produced by the   of 6% of the purchase price excluding GST, plus GST, to
 These bulls will be => +$120 for AngusPure index.   purchaser when required.  livestock companies and recognised independent livestock
                                            agents with a PGW Monthly Account who have introduced
       All sale Bulls were physically inspected and semen quality   buyers  to  PGW  before  the  sale  and/or  accompanied
       tested  by Viabull  on  15 April  and  passed  inspection  as   buyers to the sale.
       suitable for use.
 EXTRA ANGUSPURE ENDORSEMENT FOR MARBLING  All sale Bulls were Beefclass structurally assessed
       by Bill Austin on 7 March as per information provided in   This sale will be hoqqsted by bidr® ( as
       the catalogue.                       a HYBRID auction, with online bidding and a live-stream
                                            available on sale day, as well as the normal on-farm format.
       HEALTH STATUS: Waitangi has a C10 TB free status.  All intending ONLINE purchasers must register on bidr®
 In addition to the ‘A’, and to assist bull buyers who wish to select for more marbling we are rewarding   in advance of the sale date, by visiting the website and using
 those animals that are in the top 25% of the breed for AngusPure index and who also have their   BVD: all bulls have been tested free and vaccinated.  the “sign up” button, adding their contact information and
 marbling EBV (IMF) in the top 50% as well. These bulls will be awarded an ‘A+’ endorsement. Marbling   All bulls catalogued are either pedigree clean of NH, AM,   nominating the agency they would like to purchase through
 is one of the very highest eating quality attributes and is necessary in order to meet some of the   CA and DD or tested free, unless otherwise indicated.  and account held with that agency. Alternatively, purchasers
 highest premium requirements for our new program, AngusPure Special Reserve. To qualify for the   INSURANCE  We strongly recommend transit and   can organise an agent from one of the agencies listed on
 ‘A+’ endorsement, bulls must meet a minimum AngusPure index of +$141. They must also meet the   period insurance which can be taken up with  FMG’s very   bidr® to buy on their behalf. The bidr® team is always
 minimum marbling requirement of +1.7 for IMF  competitive offer on sale day or you may make your own   available to help purchasers get signed up and registered,
       alternative arrangements.            and the HelpDesk is proudly managed in-house from the
 These bulls will be => +$141 for AngusPure index and => + 1.7 for IMF EBV.  Waikato. Please call 0800 TO BIDR (0800 86 2437), or
       PURCHASING REBATE  All intending purchasers   email for assistance at any point.
 AngusPure recognises the need to lift the amount of marbling in our New Zealand cow genetics, in   are  required  to  register  at  the  sales  office  prior  to  the
 order to fill the requirements of consumers going forward. Marbling has two critical components;   sale.  A purchasing rebate of 6% will then be paid to
       non-participating  livestock  companies  and  recognized
 genetics and feeding. Feeding on a rising plane of nutrition is vital but without the genetics these   independent livestock agents with approved credit facilities
 attributes will not be able to express themselves.   introducing and/or accompanying buyers to the sale.
       Transfers    Bulls  sold  for  use  in  a  Registered  or  Prac
       Herd will require a Transfer Certificate which will have a
       minimum Bid of $15,000 nominated at the time of auction

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