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Our Philosophy

            Here at Waitangi Angus we believe that the basics of your Beef Breeding programme should
            be taken care of by us, in that all the bulls for sale are structurally sound, from a commercially
            farmed Cow herd of which fertility and reproductive performance is expected, along with good
            temperament and constitution.  That is our job… We know our Bulls shift and adapt well
            As a bull buyer the decisions you make are reflected in the progeny you breed and market.
            EBV’s combined with genomics enhance the information you have available to influence the
            direction and financial rewards of your programme. Combine this with your feed quality and
            management practices to optimize your opportunities.
             It is exciting to see a number of players in our meat industry now recognizing superior
            carcasses and developing programmes to reward those suppliers who produce them, marbling
            plays a key part in those rewards
             This genetic information works in many other farming industries, ie chicken, dairy, pork, turkey
            to name a few where the gains in animal performance have been significant and financially
            rewarding. The Beef industry is no different, Progeny tests in the US, Australia and now here
            confirm this.  Use this information and technology to move and enhance your Breeding
            Programme to where you want to go, be it producing top weaners or finishing high end
            premium cattle. This is called using the Waitangi advantage
            There is no doubt that there will be increasing competition and pressure on our farming
            management systems from social, animal welfare, environmental, feed efficiency perspectives.
            Consumer expectations through choice and technology will be greater, if we are to grow and
            sustain our premium NZ Products, we should be using these tools along with good farming
             We recently were finalists in the Northland Ballance Farm Environment awards, this helps to
            confirm our commitment to business sustainability, that you can also leverage off as part of your
            farm profile.     Focus on the end consumer, this is the name of the game
            “We are a consumer orientated breeding programme using proven performance
            genetics to enhance commercial returns for our clients”

            If we can be of any assistance in aiding your bull selection, explanations or in any other matters
            please ask
            Kind regards
            Waitangi Angus

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