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Welcome to

       the Waitangi

       Angus 2-Year

       Bull Sale

       This year’s line of bulls, has again demonstrated to us that the combination of phenotype and
       above average EBV’s can produce top performing bulls in Northlands trying conditions. Our
       bulls have been through two tough summers but have continued to grow and perform.
       We here at Waitangi believe in both phenotype and genotype to produce an outstanding bull
       package. To further our commitment to improving our lineup of bulls we, with 23 other Angus
       breeders from around New Zealand will join Angus Australia under the name “Angus Pro”.

       Whilst the data information we present to you will be unchanged, the larger resource and
       greater technology on offer to us will enable us to make better decisions, with the end result
       being a better bull for you as the purchaser.

       Covid has changed the world with retail consumers now increasingly appreciating high quality
       beef with traceability. To ensure that you as a producer can meet the premium demands of
       this growing trend, it is more important than ever to purchase bulls that will add real $ value
       to your herd.

       The team here at Waitangi would like to thank you for your interest in our breeding program
       and look forward to catching up with both old and new clients at our sale.

       Kind Regards
       The team at Waitangi
       John  027 474 3185
       Phil  027 426 3072

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