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Lot 4:  Mangatara 1258Q (PF) (2A) Polled
                                  Tag Number:  1258
             Reg ID:   MTAPQ1258   Born: 13/09/2019   Grade: Pure 91.94%
                  Scanned April 9: P8 2, Rib 2, EMA 96, Scrotal 40 Weight 608kg
                          On Account of Ag Farming Limited

          The first bull by USA sire WZRK Doublewide to be offered, he was judged best on
         type at scanning. He has real presence, excellent muscling and length. This bull will
          add substance and width to his offspring and offers a new outcross opportunity.

                               LVLS TOP CRITERIA 8862P (P) (B) (PU)
                         BAR JZ WIDELOAD 269W (HP*) (B) (PU)
                               BAR JZ HARMONY 618T (P) (PU)
         Sire:  WZRK DOUBLEWIDE 8055Y (HP*) (PN) (AA)
                               RAWHIDE 740L (P) (R) (PU)
                         WZRK MISS RAWHIDE 8055U (P) (PU)
                               WZRK MISS KUDOS 5033R (P) (PU)
                               WHITE LAKES VISION 2000 (S) (PF) (AA)
                         MANDAYEN VISION Y329 (HP) (B) (PN) (AA)
                               CASTLEREAGH CONNIE R37 (HP) (HB*) (PN)
         Dam:  MANGATARA JOVEL (P) (PF) (2A)
                                  SVL POLLED ENTERPRISE 247R (P) (R) (PN) (AA)
                         DONNA VALLEY ELSA-RACHEL (PF) (AA)
                               DONNA VALLEY CHELSEA RACHEL (PF)
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