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Lot 6:  Huntlands Qorka (PF) (2A) Horned
                                    Tag Number 35
            Reg ID:  HUNFQ35  Born: 13/09/2019    Grade: French Pure 100%
                  Scanned April 9: P8 2, Rib 1, EMA 92, Scrotal 36 Weight 552kg
                              On Account of Robert Hunt

           Qorka has highly regarded European genetics combining Ionesco, Fan Fan and
          Grahams Samson. He is a well put together bull with all the attributes to produce
                excellent offspring. He is in the top few for weight gain in the trial.

                               RIQUET (PU)
                         BAMBINO (PU)
                               PEPEE (PU)
         Sire:  IONESCO (P) (AA)
                               UCCLE (PU)
                         COQUETTE (PU)
                               LAUREATE (PU)
                                TARVIS (PU)
                                        FAN FAN (PN)
                               DUCHESSE (PU)
         Dam:  HUNTLANDS MY LADY (PF) (AA)
                               GRAHAMS SAMSON (PU)
                         HUNTLANDS DAMSEL (PN)
                               HUNTLANDS CAM 03 6 (D) (PU)
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