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Lot 5:  Grayleen Quality Dude (PF) Polled
                                   Tag Number: 917
               Reg ID: GLNPQ917   Born: 19/08/2019  Grade: Pure 97.97%
                 Scanned April 9: P8 4, Rib 2, EMA 113, Scrotal 40 Weight 670kg
                            On Account of Boscobel Farm

         Quality Dude is a standout bull, judged 2  on type and equal heaviest at scanning.
        He has never stopped growing from a top performing cow. Excellent scanning results
            and docility, he will produce early maturing offspring that get up and grow.
                               INDECIS (PU)
                         ON DIT (PN) (AA)
                               FRANCION (PU)
         Sire:  MANGATAWHIRI MWL HENRI (PN) (2A)
                               SNAKE GULLY YANCY (PU)
                         MANGATAWHIRI DULCIA (PN) (AA)
                               MANGATAWHIRI ARABELLA A513 (D) (PU)
                               GRAYLEEN DANTE (P) (R) (PN)
                         GRAYLEEN FABERGE (P) (PF)
                               GRAYLEEN ARCHDUCHESS 05 09 (P) (PN)
         Dam: GRAYLEEN IMAGE (P) (PF)
                               GRAYLEEN WESTMINSTER 0133 (D) (PU)
                         GRAYLEEN ZEPHYR 04 012 (P) (PN)
                               GRAYLEEN SUE PS3 (P) (PU)
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