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Lot 3:  Kivlean Quantum (PN) (AA) Polled

                                    Tag Number 908
               Reg ID:  KLNPQ908   Born: 10/08/2019   Grade: Pure 97.24%
               Scanned April 9: P8 3, Rib 2, EMA 114, Scrotal 43 Weight April 9 670kg
                         On account of Kivlean Limousin Stud

         Great looking and performing, Quantum was the equal heaviest bull at scanning and
          at the top for weight gain.  He has the best EMA, the largest scrotum and a very
         respectable IMF.  His sire participated in the Australian progeny testing programme
                        and the dam consistently produces top calves.

                               BAMBINO (PU)
                         JONESCO (PN) (AA)
                               COQUETTE (PU)
         Sire: GLENCAIRN YORK 03 309 (PN) (AA)
                               DAUPHIN (PN)
                         GLENCAIRN  0020 (PU)
                               GLENCAIRN  LEANNE LF35 (PU)
                               WULFS LOWELL 7215L (P) (PN)
                         DORE DAWSON (P) (PN)
                               SNAKE GULLY ACTITUDE (P) (PF)
         Dam:  KIVLEAN KAYE (HP*) (PF) (AA)
                               MANDAYEN GUARDIAN A488 (P) (R) (PN)  (AA)
                         SNAKE GULLY FAYE (P) (PN)
                               ROTOTIRA WIKI (P) (PU)
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